About Ortho Plus

Ortho Plus, founded in 1996,  is built on the belief that we must never be only as good as our competitors but we must exceed their service and abilities in every way. We have achieved this goal by not only carrying the best equipment our industry has to offer but more importantly, having the best people this industry has to offer.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art. Instead of purchasing lower quality equipment like some companies, we have built our inventory with the top-of-the-line products like the Chattanooga Optiflex knee C.P.M. with advanced features such as auto programming as well as the Chattanooga shoulder C.P.M. with smart card technology. These features not only ensure patient ease but patient compliance as well.

Our people are just as impressive. Your patients will only be cared for by highly qualified and trained patient service representatives with extensive orthopedic backgrounds. Instead of training delivery personal to do a professionals job like some companies, your patients will only be cared for by Ortho techs, P.T.A.’s and individuals with hands-on orthopedic experience.  These individuals not only do a superior job of caring for your patients but can answer many questions that may come up in the process. With this in mind who do you have caring for your postoperative patients?